All About INCKX

Meet the team and see how we work.

Our Team

The team at INCKX includes Photographer Michael Duerinckx, Principal Cristín Duerinckx, and many wonderful assistants in Phoenix and other cities around the country.

Headshot of Photographer Michael Duerinckx

Michael’s photographic career started in the 1980s and has taken him all over the world. His clients include internationally acclaimed architects and award-winning interior designers. He is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

Michael spent his early days in Canterbury at the oldest school in England, followed by Southampton University and Berlin University. In 2001, he started his own photography business, focusing on interiors and architectural photography and conceptual stock photography. He was soon a regular contributor on British Vogue, and photographing architectural gems like David Adjaye’s Whitechapel Idea Store.

Michael also has a long and varied list of portrait photography that includes skateboarder Tony Hawk, author William Boyd, comedian Dennis Pennis, and international fashion designers.


Most architectural and interiors photographers charge per hour, per day, per photo, or per project. The latter is how we work. We take our time on our shoots, and by charging for the project as a whole, you can be confident that your budget will stay on track. We are happy to provide quotes and do so free of charge. All we need from you are details of the shoot and then ideally we meet to do a walk through so we can give you an accurate estimate. We understand that walk-throughs are not always possible (for out-of-state shoots, for example), but we can use renderings and other tools in these cases. You will see three entries on the quote: photography fee, license fee, and expenses.  If you can find other parties to join you in the commission, then you can share some of these costs. 

What our clients say

Michael’s photography helped us win awards and market to higher end clients. He takes the time to look at every detail to make each shot as perfect as possible. He makes every image crisp, vibrant and eye catching while still making them look realistic. We’d both recommend him for any interior or exterior photography.


I’ve used Michael for portraits, architecture and interiors, and he gets a great shot every time. He’s charming, talented and has a great way of seeing things. The team here at Vogue really admire his work.

Mike Trow

I’ve used Mike Duerinckx for several of my luxury venue launches and he’s my first choice for interior photography every time. His work is simply amazing, with great attention to detail, and he’s made every single venue look absolutely outstanding.

Sean O’Brien

Michael always gives me 100% commitment on any project. He brings them in to deadline and on budget, and, without fail, amazes me at how much time and effort he is prepared to give in order to get the perfect shot. A joy to work with.

Ian Potter